What is your Generation's Pluto sign? 

Pluto represents the collective drives, values, energies, and fears of your generation.

It's where we need to transform as a society. It is the energy that your generation must transform through in order not to destroy itself. . . Which generation are you part of, and where do you need to transform?

1914-1938: The silent generation, Pluto in Cancer: Homes, women, mothers, homelands, comfort, food, houses, women's rights. 

1938-1958: Baby Boomers, Pluto in Leo. Children, recreation, fun, expression, creativity, performance, kings, romance.

1958-1971: Gen-X, Pluto in Virgo. Minimalism, Practical, Earthy, analog, jaded, perfectionists, picky, Healthcare, habits.

1972-1983: X-enniels, Pluto in Libra. Balanced, social, peaceful, justice, superficiality, negotiators, diplomats, agreements, contracts, relationships.

1984-1995: Millennials, Pluto in Scorpio. Other people's values, taxes, rebirth, sexuality, crises, transformation, destruction, darkness, radical change.

1995-2009: Gen Z, Pluto in Sagittarius. Multiculturalism (the most racially diverse generation), philosophical, propaganda, grandiosity, laws of attraction, optimism, exaggeration, diversity, dogmatic, judgmental, judges, television/radio/broadcasting.

2009-2022: Pluto in Capricorn generation. (Gen-I) Maturity, realistic, re-builders, disciplined, wise, authority figures, adults, old souls.