Relearning everything that we thought we knew...

On July 4th, just in time for the USA's birthday, we will be getting our third eclipse of the series which started on June 5th. Once again, we are being asked to unlearn what we thought we knew, and admit that we just don't know the answers we need to move forward yet. It's time to surrender our egos and be okay with the fact that we don't have all the information to make informed decisions. Mars in Aries wants us to "do something now!", but all the other planets are saying "be quiet, listen, and go to your room and meditate on the situation."

The full moon eclipse occurs this weekend in Capricorn, asking us to find balance between nurturing ourselves and doing the hard work necessary to be autonomous.

Eclipses often uncover information we weren't privy to so we can make informed decisions. Right now, any decisions we make are not fully informed decisions until at least 2 weeks after the eclipse on the next new moon.

In July we feel like things are clearer, but we are only clear about the fact that we are not totally clear about things.

Saturn left Aquarius and retrograded back into Capricorn this week. We are rewinding one more time to reevaluate our boundaries and society's structures. Those who are humble enough to admit we just don't have the answers will be more receptive to the truth when it reveals itself.

We are soon to be entering the age of Aquarius, which is not the warm and fuzzy hippy dippy energy the musical "Hair" may have portrayed it to be. Aquarius energy loves humanity, but doesn't necessarily the human. Aquarius doesn't care about the "individual" or the ego. Aquarius does what is best for humanity as a whole, in spite of what we want as individuals.  

Keep an open mind and be humble. Be okay with not having all the information. We are being asked to listen more than we speak, to learn more than we preach, and to think more than we feel.

 ***Credit to astrologers at #astrologyhub #amandapuawalsh #ricklevine #stormiegrace # #anneortelee for helping us "find the words" to describe this energy. Anne Ortelee had said for these eclipses "there are no words".

Also, Keep this in mind:  Astrologer, Rick Levine recently said: "We can't have a government that represents "us" until the "us" is aware enough of their own individual shadows that they're not projecting it onto the power structure that then holds us back." Until we recognize the "dark side" of our own personal value system, we are only oppressing ourselves.