So, here we are, on the Eve of the Venus Station, as she gets ready to move forward.  Venus finally goes direct on Sunday!  When a planet shift directions, even from retrograde to direct, sometimes the energy can be disorienting, but we can always look forward to moving forward.

 However, the Universe is not done throwing us the energy of retrogrades and re-evaluation just yet…

While Venus is getting ready to move forward in Leo on September 6th, Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde in Venus’ sign, Libra on September 16th, and will stay retrograde until October 8th.  So, we are not done re-evaluating relationships and values and fairness.  The difference with this energy, is that it is more focused on how we communicate with others than with fun and romance.

Everybody loves to rag on Mercury Retrograde.  People who believe in Astrology freak out because they think it means everything is going to go wrong, and people who don’t believe in Astrology get annoyed because they think it’s all going to be “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

While it’s true that one may find themselves sitting in traffic longer, or that your text messages didn’t reach their destination, or you completely misinterpret something that someone said you during retrograde periods, all these things are really just ways the Universe is challenging you to slow down and “listen”. 

It’s time to start embracing the energy of the retrograde.

Mercury retrograde is not “bad”.  It’s just a different energy. Just like the energy at a hardware store is going to be different than the energy at a coffeehouse.  Neither is bad, unless one goes in with an agenda that is not in line with what the store has to offer. You don’t go to Home Depot upset because they don’t have lattes and croissants, and you don’t go to Starbucks and complain to the manager that you need to buy a hammer and, why don’t they carry them?

Everyone needs to stop, and appreciate for a moment the energy that Mercury retrograde has to offer us.  It’s a time to slow down, look behind you, get rid of habits and communication patterns that don’t work for you anymore, and re-evaluate things before moving forward. 

Mercury retrograde is not the greatest energy for signing a contract, starting a new job, entering into an agreement, or starting any new projects in general.

What Mercury retrograde is GREAT for, is reconnecting with people who you may have not had a chance to speak with in a while, revisiting ideas and projects which may have been put on the shelf, finishing a project or ending something (like leaving a job or a relationship).  Mercury retrograde is also good for meditation, re-working your daily schedules, or getting back into a healthy routine which you may have slacked off on.  Or, maybe there are just some details in your life somewhere that need straightening out. 

Everyone could use a little insight and time to be meditative every now and then.  We could use some energy that will influence us to go back and wrap up old projects we started but haven’t finished, or reconnect with an old relationship or friendship.  It’s not a bad idea to go back and look at the way we are communicating with others, as well as to ask ourselves if we are listening to what is being said.

So, try to embrace the upcoming retrograde, and use it to re-evaluate some of the details which may be out of balance in your life.  Take some time to slow down, relax, and listen.