The moment you were born, the stars were lined up in the sky in a unique way, to give you insight into this life's journey, and to help navigate #YourPlaceInTheWorld

The Planet that sat highest in the sky when you were born gives an indication of the type of energy you will attract to yourself from the general public, and what your place in the world will be like. 🌞 

Sun=people want to revolve around you and worship you, 
Moon=you absorb and experience people's feelings, 
Mercury=you have a message for the world, 
Venus=You attract beauty and money, 
Mars=you are driven and public is inspired by your physical energy, 
Jupiter=you attract abundance and optimism from the public, 

  • Saturn=you are the boss of everyone and no one can get to you,
    Uranus=you Don't fit in, but in a good way,
    Neptune=you absorb the general public's energy good and bad,
    Pluto=you can change the world, good or bad