Full Scorpio Moon: Identifying what is valuable and valuing your transformation

Scorpio moon energy can be some of the most challenging energy to deal with. The moon represents where we feel comfortable, emotionally nurtured, rooted, and safe.


Scorpio energy is the opposite of comfortable! It makes us painfully aware of how vulnerable in the world we really are. It is the opposite of calmness and grounded-ness. It can bring chaos to force change.

Scorpio energy is all that we can’t control. It is birth, death, and taxes. It is “other people’s money” and “other people’s values”. It is the stuff that we’d rather not look at or discuss, such as the digging of graves, the building of bombs, or the unclogging sewer pipes. It is also the complete destruction of that which is no longer working in our lives, in order to be reborn from the proverbial ashes.

The full moon is exact on Saturday afternoon, May 18th. This energy brings to light where we may need to identify what is truly valuable to us, and how our individual values may be in opposition to the values of the society we live in, and our loved one’s values.

Full moons always shine a light on how the actions of the previous month are manifesting in our lives. Are things manifesting in a way that is valuable to you? Or do you need to make changes in order to bring more abundance into your life? Are you clear on what is valuable to you? Or are you adopting someone else’s values and denying yourself your true calling?


Scorpio energy asks us to identify and accept the things we don’t have control over. We can’t control whether or not someone will value what we value. For example, we don’t have control over where our taxes go, but we have to pay them whether the money goes to something we value or not.

Therefore, we are asked to channel our energy into the things which we can control, and can change, and to surrender to the things we can’t.

No one likes to admit that there are things in life which we cannot control. But it is important to recognize what these things are, so that we are channeling our energy into the things which we were meant to.

Wherever our focus goes, the energy flows!


Mercury Goes Direct! March 28, 2019 6:59 a.m. Pacific Time


This has been one weird Mercury Retrograde. And, it’s about to end tomorrow, so we can slowly begin to move forward in a new direction.

Sometimes during Mercury retrograde, things end which we weren’t expecting to end, or didn’t want to end. Sometimes inconvenient blocks are put in front of us during retrogrades, so that we are forced to make changes and go in a better direction.


Astrologically, Mercury, the planet of communication, (newspapers, tweets, texts, emails, letters, documents) is in detriment in Pisces (confusion, deception, where we lie to others and ourselves, sugar coating the truth or just putting a lot of holes in the truth), and mercury has also been retrograde since March 5th (putting your foot in your mouth), and Mercury has hanging out and going back and forth with confusing Neptune (more of the same confusing, delusional Piscean energy).  

So, when it goes direct on Thursday, it means the "messenger" is changing direction and the story is going to change/shift when the truth comes out, but it will be another 23 days after that until we are totally out of the shadows of deception (or maybe just stop being a martyr in the shadows).


Mercury will go direct and make a sextile to the Moon in Capricorn. The Moon will also sextile Neptune in the afternoon. Here we have an opportunity to be realistic about our intuition, and learn new ways to distinguish between our intuition, or when we are just being delusional towards ourselves. We can begin to turn a dream or vision into reality, but only if we are willing to do the actual work. If you are relying on “Positive manifestation” only, your vision will not have a solid foundation in order to manifest into something real. So, don’t let your vision get swept away!

Continue to dream, connect with your intuition and visions, but also think about ways to make it real, create a structure and foundation to support your vision, and get to work!

Astrological Synastry…Can It Tell Me if it’s Meant to Be or Not?


As an Astrologer, one of the most common questions people ask me when looking at Astrological Compatibility would be, “Is this relationship meant to be?”

When people ask questions about relationships, they usually want to know if it will "work" or not, as if it's going to be on the page in black and white as a solid yes or no. As if there is a magic combination of planets that guarantees a life of bliss together, if only you could find that person who you were “meant to be” with.

The bottom line is, the stars will not decide if your relationship will "work out forever" or not. You decide that.

The stars will tell us what energies we are dealing with, and how our energies are "the way we are". We can't change who we are for others, and they can't change for us.

Ultimately, you will decide if you want to deal with that energy in a relationship or not. The stars won't decide it for you. The stars will just show you "what it is" as well as “what it is not”.


When Astrology books talk about “good aspects “ and “bad aspects”, it's easy to get caught up in that. There are certain aspects that may cause your relationship to feel like it is constantly disruptive to your every day life, but still, the choice will ultimately be between the two of you if you want to live with that energy in a relationship or not.

On the flip side, there have been times where there is so little “conflict” or “challenge” between two charts, that the relationship actually feels too boring, because no one has any incentive to grow. Almost “too much of a good thing.” What should look like the chart of “soulmates and life partners” from an energetic standpoint, ends up feeling too stagnant and boring to the two people involved to stay together forever.


The planets are here to help you figure out WHY that person came into your life, but not necessarily if it's forever or not. Energetically, we all have some lessons to learn with regards to relationships. We tend to repeat bad relationship patterns until we’ve worked through the karmic issues related to them.

The energy of your relationships, as indicated by your 7th house, will ultimately repeat itself in this life, until you have learned whatever the karmic reason is that you two met in the first place. So, consider changing your point of view with regards to “soul mates”. We will go through as many connections as necessary, until we decide who, if anyone at all, will be your life partner. Some people may find their only “true love soul mate” is themselves!

Uranus is back in Taurus

Uranus is the planet of sudden change, new ideas, technology, progression, and scientific advancements and inventions. Taurus is the sign of steadiness, tradition, stubbornness, and consistency.


When Uranus is in Taurus, people get some weird ideas about trying to control and stop change.

Uranus will be here for 7 years! The outer planets tend to affect politics and generational change.

Uranus is where we collectively have insights and become more enlightened as a human race.

Uranus in Taurus shows us where we have refused to become enlightened as a human race. It unfortunately shows us where we are holding onto the past in a pathological way as a society.


When Uranus is in Taurus…

Let go of trying to hang onto old traditions that aren't working anymore. The more you attempt to try to stop change from happening, the worse it will get, so it's time to let go of your earthly attachments and trust the process of the Universe.

Venus just took out the trash from her past lives

In Astrology, the North node represents our soul’s purpose in this life and future lives. Whereas the South Node represents our old bad habits, including bad habits from this life and our past lives, the Samskaras that we keep carrying around with us.


My first astrology teacher liked to refer to the South Node as your “Karmic Trash Can”. Is where all our “easy, but sleazy” energy goes. It’s the things we do on autopilot, the things we do impulsively without making conscious decisions, or where we lack pure intentions. It’s where we “go with the flow”, but in a bad way, down the river, where the rest of the trash goes.

The South Node is currently in Capricorn, meaning right now, it is easier for us to see the limitations and lack in our lives, than it is to see the abundance of good. I makes us feel like we are trapped inside invisible walls. Giving up our power to “the authorities”, rather than taking authority over ourselves.

Venus in Capricorn is stingy and doesn’t like to share, because she feels like she is lacking: lacking in money and lacking in love, and a lack of abundance altogether.

The North Node always falls in the opposite sign of the South Node. Currently, the North Node is in Cancer, meaning our purpose right now, collectively, is to start taking care of one another, and to be more nurturing towards one another. To create strong roots and loving, nurturing connections. The North Node in Cancer is the energy of the “Mother Goddess”. It is an energy of abundance, which says, there is enough food, love, and shelter for everyone on the planet. It says we are all here to mother and nurture one another, and there is enough for everyone to go around. But, this feels really difficult to manifest right now.


Venus has crossed over the South Node, which means, she is now not only out of the clutches of the boundaries and limitations of Saturn, as well as the destructive forces of Pluto which made her feel like a tortured prisoner, she also took out the trash on her way out the door.

In other words, she has decided to take responsibility for herself, transformed into a higher version of herself from a dark place, and is trashing useless habits left over from past lives, including this life’s past. Any lack you suffered in a past life, whether it was a lack of money, a lack of love, or a lack of earthly abundance altogether, is in the past. It is time to change your reality and tap into the abundance that is waiting for you.

We will not feel like we are fulfilling this life’s purpose if we continue to insist on carrying around our garbage from past lives.

The hardest thing right now is to be nurturing to yourself and those around you. Nurture what you value, and the people you love.

But, get rid of the trash.

Venus begins her escape from the clutches of Darth Vader and the High School Principal!

From left to right: “High School Principal=Saturn”, “The Princess=Venus in Capricorn”, “Darth Vader=Pluto”.

From left to right: “High School Principal=Saturn”, “The Princess=Venus in Capricorn”, “Darth Vader=Pluto”.

You are not alone if you have been feeling really uncomfortable. Like, you are either in trouble in the principal’s office, or the other choice is to hang out in some prison cell on Darth Vader’s ship. But, like Princess Leia, Venus understands that if she is to survive and conquer these challenging situations, she must be the boss of herself.

Venus is still in Capricorn, but she knows how to save herself now.

Venus is still in Capricorn, but she knows how to save herself now.

Venus wants nothing more than a peaceful existence, surrounded by the people and things she loves. In Capricorn, she feels cold and lonely. However, it is important to remember that Capricorn is actually an Earth sign, and therefore a “female” sign, energetically speaking. Capricorn is the energy of the “Queen”. She is solid. She is the Boss. She is in control of her situation, because she has healthy, strong boundaries.

Venus is no longer in between the clutches of Saturn and Pluto, but she is still in Capricorn, on her own, growing stronger and wiser every day. She has transformed from a prisoner into an authority figure.

This week, Venus learns how to stand on her own and take responsibility for herself. On Friday, March 1st, Venus will finally break away from the boundaries and limitations she felt in Capricorn, as her perception changes from feeling stuck, to understanding that “responsibility equals freedom” , when she moves into the enlightened sign of Aquarius.

In Aquarius, she will remain detached from her relationships, but from a place of compassion and wisdom. As Venus gets ready to detach from her ego and view her relationships from the vantage point of the Seventh Chakra, we learn that being responsible for our choices and actions, is equivalent to true liberation.


Venus, from Capricorn to Aquarius

In Aquarius, she will remain detached from her relationships, but from a place of compassion and wisdom. As Venus gets ready to detach from her ego and view her relationships from the vantage point of the Seventh Chakra, we learn that being responsible for our choices and actions, is equivalent to true liberation.

Moon in Scorpio opposite Mars in Taurus

The Moon does not like to be in Scorpio. He would rather be in Taurus, where he can just be still and smell the flowers. In Scorpio, the moon makes us painfully aware of how vulnerable in the world we are. The moon in Scorpio is paranoid, and tends to think the worst, even if its not true.

Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio

On the other side of the zodiac, Mars is in Taurus today. Mars does not like being in Taurus. Mars wants to start something new, initiate action, and create change. In Taurus, Mars just feels stuck, like she just can't get started.

Mars and the Moon would love to trade places today. They are in mutual reception, but by detriment and fall, supporting each other's worst qualities.

What is the Universe trying to tell us?

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus

You must change yourself. No one is going to do it for you. You must become aware of the things you cannot control, and you must stop thinking you can change and control and manipulate situations and people around you to suit your needs.

You must examine your personal values. Are you living someone else's life because society said what is valuable to you isn't important? If it matters to you, it should not matter what the rest of society's opinion is.

Are you living your most authentic life? If not, make the necessary changes to do so.

You can only change yourself.

Try meditating on that before making a move. Wait a couple of days. When the moon moves into Sagittarius on Monday afternoon, you will be able to see the big picture in a more optimistic light.

Full Moon at 0 degrees Virgo

Hang in there! A buncha shit just changed signs at once. The Sun is in "nobody understands me" Pisces, And there's a full moon in "I'm not good enough" Virgo. Chiron just moved into "why am I pissed" Aries, too. Venus, the planet of peace and love, is in cold hard Capricorn, stuck between the planet of Destruction (pluto) and boundaries (Saturn).

One side of yourself is being a little too picky and hard on yourself. The other is being a martyr.

Give yourself a few more days to settle in, then catch up on your “to do” list, so you can escape from reality guilt-free for a moment.

You'll survive.


A lot of "ending energy" is swirling around today...

Today we are dealing with some energies which are getting ready to end. The faster we are willing to accept this “ending energy”, the easier it will be to “unfuck yourself” and move forward with this new energy.

One major challenge in moving forward is that there may be certain political and philosophical ways we are attached to thinking, which may be in conflict with our core, spiritual values.

If you are finding the way you are conducting yourself in the world is in conflict with your spiritual values, it may be time to take a look at the way you “think", and ask yourself why you think the way that you do.

“Don't believe everything you think. “ It may be time to let go of certain ways of thinking which are not allowing you to express the best parts of yourself.

Find your gifts. Discard the rest.

And stop believing all the negative things your inner voice is saying.

Don't believe any of that bad stuff you've thinking about yourself.

Don't believe any of that bad stuff you've thinking about yourself.

Dignified, Detriment, Exalted, Fall: Some Planets do better in certain signs than in others...

The Moon is in Cancer

The Moon is in Cancer

The Moon just entered one of her favorite signs, tonight: Cancer. The Moon is right at home in Cancer. When the moon is in Cancer, some of her best qualities are enhanced. Emotional, intuitive, nurturing, comfortable. When the Moon is in Cancer, she is “dignified”. In fact, whenever a planet falls in the sign they rule, the planet it considered “in its dignity”. This means, the best qualities of the moon are being expressed tonight. People may be feeling more nurturing and caring than usual.

The sign which is both physically opposite and energetically opposite Cancer is Capricorn. Capricorn is not touchy feely or emotional or nurturing. Capricorn rules hard structures, discipline, and the willingness to put yourself into an uncomfortable situation in order to achieve success. The Moon doesn’t do as well in Capricorn as she does in Cancer.

Whenever a planet falls in the sign OPPOSITE it’s ruler, that planet is considered to be in it’s “detriment”. It means the best qualities of that planet are weakened and not exhibiting their best.

If you had a bad day and were crying, the Cancer moon wants to wrap you up in a blanket, give you a hug, and buy you some cupcakes. Conversely, the Capricorn moon would tell you to “get over it”. The Capricorn moon says, “Don’t cry! Lose yourself in hard work, instead!”

This concept is taken one step further. Sometimes a planet leaves their home sign, and finds a sign that takes them to the next level, helping to manifest the highest vibration and best possible manifestation of their energy. When this happens, a planet is considered “Exalted”.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. She has all the nurturing qualities of the moon in Cancer, only better because she is less caught up in her emotions, and is truly grounded and emotionally solid. She can be both a rock of emotional strength, and empathetic at the same time.

Just the way that Dignified planets and planets in Detriment are in opposite signs, when a planet falls in the sign opposite of the one it is exalted in, it is considered in its “Fall”.

The moon is in its fall in Scorpio. Instead of being emotionally solid, she is paranoid and distrustful. She is ungrounded and frightened.

Here is how the other planets manifest in their dignity, in their detriment, and in their exaltation, and in their fall:

The Sun. Dignified in Leo: Courageous, big-hearted, brave, attractive. Detriment in Aquarius: Detached, heady, feels estranged from humanity at times. Exalted in Aries: Pioneer, individualist. In Fall in Libra: Identity crisis, codependent.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius

Jupiter is in Sagittarius

Mercury. Dignified in Gemini and Virgo: Smart, organized, communicator, detail oriented. Detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces: Sweeping generalizations, lack of substance, sarcasm, exaggerations, lies, confusion. Exalted in Aquarius: Flashes of genius, the greater good of humanity, truth. Fall in Leo: Thoughts and words blocked by ego, tyrannical words.

Venus. Dignified in Taurus and Libra: Values, Diplomatic, Peaceful, Gracious. Detriment in Scorpio and Aries: Jealous, insecure, selfish. Exalted in Pisces: Unconditional love. Fall in Virgo: “Not perfect enough”.

Mars: Dignified in Aries: Independent, pioneering, strong, inspired. Detriment in Libra: Co-dependent, follower, identity crisis, sacrifice. Exalted in Capricorn: Focused, hard work, driven by success. Fall in Cancer: Unfocused energy, driven by emotions.

Jupiter: Dignified in Sagitarius and Pisces: Lucky, Abundance, protected by Angels. Detriment in Gemini and Virgo: Hyperverbal, racing mind, inability to see the big picture, gossip, micromanaging. Exalted in Cancer: Nurturing, empathy, compassion, abundant. Fall in Capricorn: Starving, contracting, cold, lacking.

Saturn: Dignified in Capricorn and Aquarius: Discipline equals freedom. Detriment in Cancer and Leo: “Not allowed” to express emotions, be creative, or have fun. Exalted in Libra: Favors marriage, contracts, fair politics. Fall in Aries: “Not allowed” to be my individual self, bottled anger.

Some Astrologers say the outer planets cannot be Exalted or in Fall. However, Uranus is about to go into Taurus, where it hasn’t been since the late 1930’s to mid-1940s, during the time of the Great Depression, the dust bowl, WWII, and the Holocaust. Some consider Uranus in Scorpio to be exalted, making Uranus in Taurus in its fall. History may support this!

Uranus: Dignified in Aquarius (Freedom, genius, enlightenment, technology). Detriment in Leo (Tyrannical Kings). Exalted in Scorpio (detachment to solve crises), fall in Taurus (Holding onto traditions which have become unethical).

Neptune is in Pisces

Neptune is in Pisces

Neptune: Dignified in Pisces (Spirituality, art, music, compassion). Detriment in Virgo (inability to connect with spirituality, escaping from reality in the mundane).

Pluto: Dignified in Scorpio (transforming the old into something new). Detriment in Taurus (bombs, violence towards women, destroying the material world).

Where would you say Neptune and Pluto are in exaltation and fall? Some astrologers say Neptune is exalted in Leo (giving up the ego for true love) and in its fall in Aquarius (using technology to escape from reality).

I wonder if Pluto would be dignified in Capricorn (destroying old structures and institutions that no longer work) and in its fall in Cancer (destroying the home).

Do you have any planets in their dignity, detriment, exaltation or fall in your chart?

Happy Astrological New Year 2019!


Hello everyone!

In honor of the new moon in Aquarius, I have reinvented my website! I will be posting more blogs this year, and also will be involved in some amazing events! Starting this weekend, I will be leading a vinyasa flow yoga class for a Goddess Retreat in Joshua Tree, California!

All spots are filled for this particular event, but we hope to do more of them soon.

As for the new moon in Aquarius: This energy is asking us to detach from our egos and our attachments for a moment, so we can see our lives through the eyes of the “witness”, also known as the Seventh Chakra, or the Crown Chakra.

We are asked to detach, with compassion and clarity, to let go of the things that no longer bring us joy or happiness or peace, and to reinvent ourselves into the best versions of ourselves.

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!!