Dignified, Detriment, Exalted, Fall: Some Planets do better in certain signs than in others...

The Moon is in Cancer

The Moon is in Cancer

The Moon just entered one of her favorite signs, tonight: Cancer. The Moon is right at home in Cancer. When the moon is in Cancer, some of her best qualities are enhanced. Emotional, intuitive, nurturing, comfortable. When the Moon is in Cancer, she is “dignified”. In fact, whenever a planet falls in the sign they rule, the planet it considered “in its dignity”. This means, the best qualities of the moon are being expressed tonight. People may be feeling more nurturing and caring than usual.

The sign which is both physically opposite and energetically opposite Cancer is Capricorn. Capricorn is not touchy feely or emotional or nurturing. Capricorn rules hard structures, discipline, and the willingness to put yourself into an uncomfortable situation in order to achieve success. The Moon doesn’t do as well in Capricorn as she does in Cancer.

Whenever a planet falls in the sign OPPOSITE it’s ruler, that planet is considered to be in it’s “detriment”. It means the best qualities of that planet are weakened and not exhibiting their best.

If you had a bad day and were crying, the Cancer moon wants to wrap you up in a blanket, give you a hug, and buy you some cupcakes. Conversely, the Capricorn moon would tell you to “get over it”. The Capricorn moon says, “Don’t cry! Lose yourself in hard work, instead!”

This concept is taken one step further. Sometimes a planet leaves their home sign, and finds a sign that takes them to the next level, helping to manifest the highest vibration and best possible manifestation of their energy. When this happens, a planet is considered “Exalted”.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. She has all the nurturing qualities of the moon in Cancer, only better because she is less caught up in her emotions, and is truly grounded and emotionally solid. She can be both a rock of emotional strength, and empathetic at the same time.

Just the way that Dignified planets and planets in Detriment are in opposite signs, when a planet falls in the sign opposite of the one it is exalted in, it is considered in its “Fall”.

The moon is in its fall in Scorpio. Instead of being emotionally solid, she is paranoid and distrustful. She is ungrounded and frightened.

Here is how the other planets manifest in their dignity, in their detriment, and in their exaltation, and in their fall:

The Sun. Dignified in Leo: Courageous, big-hearted, brave, attractive. Detriment in Aquarius: Detached, heady, feels estranged from humanity at times. Exalted in Aries: Pioneer, individualist. In Fall in Libra: Identity crisis, codependent.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius

Jupiter is in Sagittarius

Mercury. Dignified in Gemini and Virgo: Smart, organized, communicator, detail oriented. Detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces: Sweeping generalizations, lack of substance, sarcasm, exaggerations, lies, confusion. Exalted in Aquarius: Flashes of genius, the greater good of humanity, truth. Fall in Leo: Thoughts and words blocked by ego, tyrannical words.

Venus. Dignified in Taurus and Libra: Values, Diplomatic, Peaceful, Gracious. Detriment in Scorpio and Aries: Jealous, insecure, selfish. Exalted in Pisces: Unconditional love. Fall in Virgo: “Not perfect enough”.

Mars: Dignified in Aries: Independent, pioneering, strong, inspired. Detriment in Libra: Co-dependent, follower, identity crisis, sacrifice. Exalted in Capricorn: Focused, hard work, driven by success. Fall in Cancer: Unfocused energy, driven by emotions.

Jupiter: Dignified in Sagitarius and Pisces: Lucky, Abundance, protected by Angels. Detriment in Gemini and Virgo: Hyperverbal, racing mind, inability to see the big picture, gossip, micromanaging. Exalted in Cancer: Nurturing, empathy, compassion, abundant. Fall in Capricorn: Starving, contracting, cold, lacking.

Saturn: Dignified in Capricorn and Aquarius: Discipline equals freedom. Detriment in Cancer and Leo: “Not allowed” to express emotions, be creative, or have fun. Exalted in Libra: Favors marriage, contracts, fair politics. Fall in Aries: “Not allowed” to be my individual self, bottled anger.

Some Astrologers say the outer planets cannot be Exalted or in Fall. However, Uranus is about to go into Taurus, where it hasn’t been since the late 1930’s to mid-1940s, during the time of the Great Depression, the dust bowl, WWII, and the Holocaust. Some consider Uranus in Scorpio to be exalted, making Uranus in Taurus in its fall. History may support this!

Uranus: Dignified in Aquarius (Freedom, genius, enlightenment, technology). Detriment in Leo (Tyrannical Kings). Exalted in Scorpio (detachment to solve crises), fall in Taurus (Holding onto traditions which have become unethical).

Neptune is in Pisces

Neptune is in Pisces

Neptune: Dignified in Pisces (Spirituality, art, music, compassion). Detriment in Virgo (inability to connect with spirituality, escaping from reality in the mundane).

Pluto: Dignified in Scorpio (transforming the old into something new). Detriment in Taurus (bombs, violence towards women, destroying the material world).

Where would you say Neptune and Pluto are in exaltation and fall? Some astrologers say Neptune is exalted in Leo (giving up the ego for true love) and in its fall in Aquarius (using technology to escape from reality).

I wonder if Pluto would be dignified in Capricorn (destroying old structures and institutions that no longer work) and in its fall in Cancer (destroying the home).

Do you have any planets in their dignity, detriment, exaltation or fall in your chart?