Venus just took out the trash from her past lives

In Astrology, the North node represents our soul’s purpose in this life and future lives. Whereas the South Node represents our old bad habits, including bad habits from this life and our past lives, the Samskaras that we keep carrying around with us.


My first astrology teacher liked to refer to the South Node as your “Karmic Trash Can”. Is where all our “easy, but sleazy” energy goes. It’s the things we do on autopilot, the things we do impulsively without making conscious decisions, or where we lack pure intentions. It’s where we “go with the flow”, but in a bad way, down the river, where the rest of the trash goes.

The South Node is currently in Capricorn, meaning right now, it is easier for us to see the limitations and lack in our lives, than it is to see the abundance of good. I makes us feel like we are trapped inside invisible walls. Giving up our power to “the authorities”, rather than taking authority over ourselves.

Venus in Capricorn is stingy and doesn’t like to share, because she feels like she is lacking: lacking in money and lacking in love, and a lack of abundance altogether.

The North Node always falls in the opposite sign of the South Node. Currently, the North Node is in Cancer, meaning our purpose right now, collectively, is to start taking care of one another, and to be more nurturing towards one another. To create strong roots and loving, nurturing connections. The North Node in Cancer is the energy of the “Mother Goddess”. It is an energy of abundance, which says, there is enough food, love, and shelter for everyone on the planet. It says we are all here to mother and nurture one another, and there is enough for everyone to go around. But, this feels really difficult to manifest right now.


Venus has crossed over the South Node, which means, she is now not only out of the clutches of the boundaries and limitations of Saturn, as well as the destructive forces of Pluto which made her feel like a tortured prisoner, she also took out the trash on her way out the door.

In other words, she has decided to take responsibility for herself, transformed into a higher version of herself from a dark place, and is trashing useless habits left over from past lives, including this life’s past. Any lack you suffered in a past life, whether it was a lack of money, a lack of love, or a lack of earthly abundance altogether, is in the past. It is time to change your reality and tap into the abundance that is waiting for you.

We will not feel like we are fulfilling this life’s purpose if we continue to insist on carrying around our garbage from past lives.

The hardest thing right now is to be nurturing to yourself and those around you. Nurture what you value, and the people you love.

But, get rid of the trash.