Astrological Synastry…Can It Tell Me if it’s Meant to Be or Not?


As an Astrologer, one of the most common questions people ask me when looking at Astrological Compatibility would be, “Is this relationship meant to be?”

When people ask questions about relationships, they usually want to know if it will "work" or not, as if it's going to be on the page in black and white as a solid yes or no. As if there is a magic combination of planets that guarantees a life of bliss together, if only you could find that person who you were “meant to be” with.

The bottom line is, the stars will not decide if your relationship will "work out forever" or not. You decide that.

The stars will tell us what energies we are dealing with, and how our energies are "the way we are". We can't change who we are for others, and they can't change for us.

Ultimately, you will decide if you want to deal with that energy in a relationship or not. The stars won't decide it for you. The stars will just show you "what it is" as well as “what it is not”.


When Astrology books talk about “good aspects “ and “bad aspects”, it's easy to get caught up in that. There are certain aspects that may cause your relationship to feel like it is constantly disruptive to your every day life, but still, the choice will ultimately be between the two of you if you want to live with that energy in a relationship or not.

On the flip side, there have been times where there is so little “conflict” or “challenge” between two charts, that the relationship actually feels too boring, because no one has any incentive to grow. Almost “too much of a good thing.” What should look like the chart of “soulmates and life partners” from an energetic standpoint, ends up feeling too stagnant and boring to the two people involved to stay together forever.


The planets are here to help you figure out WHY that person came into your life, but not necessarily if it's forever or not. Energetically, we all have some lessons to learn with regards to relationships. We tend to repeat bad relationship patterns until we’ve worked through the karmic issues related to them.

The energy of your relationships, as indicated by your 7th house, will ultimately repeat itself in this life, until you have learned whatever the karmic reason is that you two met in the first place. So, consider changing your point of view with regards to “soul mates”. We will go through as many connections as necessary, until we decide who, if anyone at all, will be your life partner. Some people may find their only “true love soul mate” is themselves!