Mercury Goes Direct! March 28, 2019 6:59 a.m. Pacific Time


This has been one weird Mercury Retrograde. And, it’s about to end tomorrow, so we can slowly begin to move forward in a new direction.

Sometimes during Mercury retrograde, things end which we weren’t expecting to end, or didn’t want to end. Sometimes inconvenient blocks are put in front of us during retrogrades, so that we are forced to make changes and go in a better direction.


Astrologically, Mercury, the planet of communication, (newspapers, tweets, texts, emails, letters, documents) is in detriment in Pisces (confusion, deception, where we lie to others and ourselves, sugar coating the truth or just putting a lot of holes in the truth), and mercury has also been retrograde since March 5th (putting your foot in your mouth), and Mercury has hanging out and going back and forth with confusing Neptune (more of the same confusing, delusional Piscean energy).  

So, when it goes direct on Thursday, it means the "messenger" is changing direction and the story is going to change/shift when the truth comes out, but it will be another 23 days after that until we are totally out of the shadows of deception (or maybe just stop being a martyr in the shadows).


Mercury will go direct and make a sextile to the Moon in Capricorn. The Moon will also sextile Neptune in the afternoon. Here we have an opportunity to be realistic about our intuition, and learn new ways to distinguish between our intuition, or when we are just being delusional towards ourselves. We can begin to turn a dream or vision into reality, but only if we are willing to do the actual work. If you are relying on “Positive manifestation” only, your vision will not have a solid foundation in order to manifest into something real. So, don’t let your vision get swept away!

Continue to dream, connect with your intuition and visions, but also think about ways to make it real, create a structure and foundation to support your vision, and get to work!