Full Scorpio Moon: Identifying what is valuable and valuing your transformation

Scorpio moon energy can be some of the most challenging energy to deal with. The moon represents where we feel comfortable, emotionally nurtured, rooted, and safe.


Scorpio energy is the opposite of comfortable! It makes us painfully aware of how vulnerable in the world we really are. It is the opposite of calmness and grounded-ness. It can bring chaos to force change.

Scorpio energy is all that we can’t control. It is birth, death, and taxes. It is “other people’s money” and “other people’s values”. It is the stuff that we’d rather not look at or discuss, such as the digging of graves, the building of bombs, or the unclogging sewer pipes. It is also the complete destruction of that which is no longer working in our lives, in order to be reborn from the proverbial ashes.

The full moon is exact on Saturday afternoon, May 18th. This energy brings to light where we may need to identify what is truly valuable to us, and how our individual values may be in opposition to the values of the society we live in, and our loved one’s values.

Full moons always shine a light on how the actions of the previous month are manifesting in our lives. Are things manifesting in a way that is valuable to you? Or do you need to make changes in order to bring more abundance into your life? Are you clear on what is valuable to you? Or are you adopting someone else’s values and denying yourself your true calling?


Scorpio energy asks us to identify and accept the things we don’t have control over. We can’t control whether or not someone will value what we value. For example, we don’t have control over where our taxes go, but we have to pay them whether the money goes to something we value or not.

Therefore, we are asked to channel our energy into the things which we can control, and can change, and to surrender to the things we can’t.

No one likes to admit that there are things in life which we cannot control. But it is important to recognize what these things are, so that we are channeling our energy into the things which we were meant to.

Wherever our focus goes, the energy flows!