Astrology Readings by Leslie

Here are some Astrology videos which I found to be educational for those who wish to learn more about Astrology and how to understand the language of the stars

Comparison of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin's charts.  George Floyd's Vertex is conjunct caput algol in the 8th. Derek Chauvin has some mommy issues that led to power issues.  Very interesting take on the interaction of these two.

"When someone says "I don't believe in Astrology", my response is, "I don't believe in the Astrology that you don't believe in either."

-Lecture by Rick Levine, well-known Astrologer. 

This is a really great introduction into the language of Astrology, and how we use the language of Astrology in our modern calendars and to mark the seasons and the days of the year, and other ways we still refer to Astrology in our modern lives without even realizing it.

New Moon in Gemini,
June 2018 forecast video.

I'm thinking of doing more of these in the future. 

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