Embarking on a Celestial Odyssey: My Astrological Awakening

Let me rewind the cosmic clock to 1993. Back then, I was an astrology skeptic until a chance encounter at a friend's party changed everything. Enter "The Book of Lovers" by Caroline Reynolds, an unsuspecting guide to the stars sitting on a coffee table.

Little did I know, Reynolds was about to unveil the mysteries of "Moon Signs." Forget the usual 12 zodiac signs; Reynolds introduced me to a galaxy of 144 Sun/Moon combinations, crafting 288 unique "relationship types." My Gemini Sun and Cancer Moon description left me in awe — astrology suddenly felt eerily accurate.

As the party buzzed with laughter and revelations, I learned that astrology wasn't confined to newspaper horoscopes. There were Venus signs, Mars signs, Jupiter signs — a cosmic symphony played by every planet in the solar system at our births. The complexity was mind-blowing!

And so, my celestial journey began, guided by the twinkling stars and the laughter of friends discovering their cosmic selves. Fast forward 31 years to the year 2024 A.D., and I'm still captivated by the enchanting rabbit hole of astrology. Join me on this cosmic adventure, where every planet and star holds a story waiting to be told.

Exploring the Depths: A Glimpse into My Multifaceted Journey

Best-Selling Author Journey: Beyond the celestial spheres, I've authored "The Zen of Learning to Ride a Motorcycle," delving into conquering fears and finding healing from anxiety, codependency, and depression. Find it in audiobook, paperback, and Kindle format HERE.

Astrologese Maven: My fluency in "Astrologese" surpasses Earthling languages. Currently, I'm crafting a book exploring Pluto's role in defining our generational essence.

Healing Trailblazer: With over a decade as a psychiatric and mental health registered nurse, my journey began as an advocate for medical cannabis patients in California. A Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher in New Jersey for a decade, my path embraces holistic wellness.

Melodic Past: Before the stars adorned my charts, I sang as a lead in original bands in SoCal during the late '90s and early 2000s. Revisit the musical echoes of my past bands HERE. Today, I remain a part-time singer and songwriter, keeping the music alive.

Dog-Mom & Rescuer: Meet Luna, the Labrador, and Baxter, the Border Terrier — my cosmic companions and cherished rescues.

Embark on Your Cosmic Journey: 

Let me share my astrological insights and guide you through the celestial maze of life. Together, we'll navigate the cosmic dance HERE!

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