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Hot Pink Moon

April 8, 2020

Balance in all parts of your life, and all relationships, including (and especially) the relationships with yourself, your values, and humanity.
#fullpinkmoon #hotpinkmoon
#Fullmoon #18Libra #18aries
#fullmooninLibra = Awareness of the unfairness
#PlutoconjunctJupiter = big changes in the structures of society.
#VenustrineMars = opportunities to take action for change
#VenusTrineSaturn = Taking values seriously
#mercurysextilepluto = changing how one thinks
#marssquareuranus = challenging changes, changing through challenge
#SaturninAquarius = Taking society seriously. Logical and humanitarian structural changes
#UranusinTaurus = Seeing what is valuable from an enlightened place.

*The full pink moon is named after pink phlox


Saturn and Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus

March 31, 2020
The old ways have brought us, and society, to where we are right now. Clearly the old ways are not working for us anymore.

So many changes are happening around us and it seems these are things that needed to be changed a long time ago.  It's interesting what things we recently thought were so important, we have now deemed as "non-essential".

Things considered "normal" in our society which no longer serve us, which I'd like to see "de-normalized":
-Extreme political polarization 
-Being weaponize...
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Uranus in Taurus: Abnormal is the New Normal

March 28, 2020
I know a lot of people are wondering when the stars say we are going to get back to normal, but #UranusinTaurus is in the process of changing what normal is, and we are being forced to change (Uranus will be here until July 2025).

The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1939-1946. Dealing with the great depression, the dustbowl, and WWII, we needed to change and were forced to create a new normal. 

#Saturn is exalted in #Aquarius for the first time since 1991, and...

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Mercury in Pisces, Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus

March 25, 2020
#Mercury is direct, but still in one of his least favorite signs,#Pisces, until April 12th.

Mercury rules our logical minds, how we take in and process information, how we communicate with others, and it also rules our daily life routines, health routines, cleaning and organizing routines, and exercise and eating habits.  In Pisces, we tend to be confused about what is logical and what isn't.  It is a better energy for thinking and listening than it is for speaking. It is a time to spend alon...

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Just a reminder...

March 25, 2020
Neptune is still in Pisces for the long run, and the Universe wants us to be in touch with our spiritual, empathetic, intuitive, forgiving selves

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First New Moon of Spring, Saturn in Aquarius

March 25, 2020
#Saturn = Responsibility, boundaries, reality, adulthood, traditions, structures, systems, discipline, authority
#Aquarius = Societies, associates, friends, acquaintances, enlightenment, understanding, detachment, awakening, technology, geniuses, science 

The first day of spring came early this year! And today is the first new moon of the Spring! Spring usually begins on March 21st, but the Sun just couldn't wait that long this year.  When the Sun enters the Spring equinox, that is when the ast...
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Eclipses and Retrogrades of the Summer of 2018

July 30, 2018


Does the energy feel "different?"


Well, We are in between 2 eclipses and Mercury and Mars and Saturn are all retrograde.

Mars in Aquarius is helping us emotionally detach from our impulses so we can re-evaluate how to change the way we assert ourselves.
Mercury retrograde is helping us finish old projects, and re-evaluate the details and how we communicate with others.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is asking us how we can be "the boss o...

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Your Place in the World: The highest, elevated planet in your chart

July 24, 2018
The moment you were born, the stars were lined up in the sky in a unique way, to give you insight into this life's journey, and to help navigate #YourPlaceInTheWorld

The Planet that sat highest in the sky when you were born gives an indication of the type of energy you will attract to yourself from the general public, and what your place in the world will be like. 🌞 

Sun=people want to revolve around you and worship you, 
Moon=you absorb and experience people's feelings, 
Mercury=you hav...

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Social Media and the Empath: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

July 17, 2018
This one is for the empathic souls.  I'm posting this because I had an epiphany as an empath, and thought this might help other empaths.

Astrologically, empaths tend to be ruled by the water and the moon, particularly Cancer energy. Pisces energy absorbs everyone's energy around them, Scorpios are painfully aware of the lack of empathy in others.  Empaths literally experience other people's emotions, particularly emotions directed towards them. Empaths are prone to getting other people's ener...
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New Moon in Gemini: New Way of communicating, thinking, learning...

June 13, 2018
There's a new moon in Gemini, so I'm looking for new ways to share my love of Astrology!

I'll be posting astrology videos on my YouTube page...Starting with the New Moon in Gemini!

Watch my First Astrology video on my YouTube channel about this week's New Moon in Gemini... 

New moons mark a new one-month period where we can hit the reset button and start over.

The New moon in Gemini is about changing the way we think, speak, listen, communicate, text, tweet, learn, wr...

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