Astrology Reading Testimonials

"If you're the kind of person who thinks everything astrological, planetarial and Hippie McCrunchy is a bunch of horse doo doo, I dare you to hire Leslie.  I just found a  chart she read for me a year ago and all the hair on my arms stood up when I read it because it all came true true true!  It's freaky.  It's also not the first time this has happened with her.  She knows so much about this stuff and is constantly learning more.  She truly loves what she does and takes care to really get into the details of your chart.  Plus she's hilarious.  If you want some educated insight on what the universe has in store for you, get thee to Leslie. She will blow your tiny mind."  

-Jen Sincero, Author of  the New York Times Bestseller, You are a Badass

"First, I just have to say how absolutely incredible and amazing this reading is.  You sincerely have an amazing talent and are so divinely gifted!  In my opinion, you are totally undercharging for your service!!!  I was seriously blown away by the depth and the accuracy here - I felt like you were reading a blueprint of my soul.  I really wanted you to know that because at certain points, I had to stop reading and just breathe because tears were streaming down my face.  Not in a bad way at all either - more like, relief!!  All the things that I've thought and have known but pushed aside and second guessed because of my own insecurities, all the strengths and talents that I haven't been acknowledging or downplaying so I wouldn't be better than others or make anyone feel bad... you hit the nail right on the head in every area!"

-D. Hanson, New York, NY

"Leslie's readings have given me great insight into all aspects of my life. She is thoughtful, intuitive and gosh darn it, this girl knows the stars! I am constantly amazed with her abilities to pinpoint challenges and solutions especially in different relationships from work to romantic. Her knowledge of astrology and the practical and spiritual sides to each aspect make her and excellent guide and reader."

-Danielle White, Reiki, Meditation, Producer, DJ, Los Angeles, CA

"I'm so glad you're doing this. You've been right ON with your predictions. I still have (our son's Astrology Reading) in his baby book and he is soo turning into a Leo!! It sure helps me to know where it's coming from. I've been meaning to ask for more!!"        

-D. Robles, Dallas, TX