I am located in Northern California and can travel in person to the San Francisco, Sacramento, and Lake Tahoe areas (Travel fees may apply). Contact me for a quote here!

Book an Astrology Party With Me!!


Celestial Soirees Await You! Elevate your celebrations with a touch of cosmic magic! Whether it's a Bachelorette Bash, Birthday Bonanza, Baby Shower, Camping Extravaganza, or a Company Retreat – turn any date into an unforgettable event! Host an Astrology Party: Imagine having a real Astrologer join your party, adding a sprinkle of starlight to the festivities. It's entertainment that sparks conversations and leaves a magical impression on everyone!

  • 💫 Why Choose Astrology Parties? ✨ Unveil the secrets of the stars with personalized readings. ✨ Explore zodiac quirks and cosmic connections in a fun, interactive way. ✨ Watch as your guests discover their celestial superpowers! 🌐 Online Cosmic Gatherings: Can't gather in person? No worries! Experience the cosmic vibes virtually with online astrology events. The stars align, no matter where your guests are! 🌟 Create Memories that Sparkle: Transform your party into a celestial celebration that lingers in the hearts of your guests. Let's make your next event a cosmic journey everyone will be raving about! 📆 Book Your Cosmic Adventure Now! Get ready for an enchanting blend of fun, laughter, and cosmic insights. Your invitation to a celestial soiree awaits!