Interested in Scheduling an Astrology Reading with Me?


Readings are based on your astrological natal chart, which is the chart that shows where all the planets were when you were born, and how it helps guide you to your gifts and life's path. 

I also look at your progressed astrology chart, which shows how you have progressed in life, and lets you know about the up-coming energies. 


  • Relationship charts tell you about compatibility with another person for romance, business, or other partnership.

  • Electional charts are for picking an auspicious date for important events, like weddings, buying a house, starting a business, etc.

  • Astro-Carto-Graphy readings are readings that help you with choosing a destination for relocating to a new place for home or business, etc.

  • Pre-recorded astrology readings are sent to your email inbox

  • Electional astrology readings are for choosing a specific auspicious date for an important event such as weddings, starting a new business, etc.

Note: I will need your date of birth, year of birth, time of birth, and city/state/country of birth in order to do an accurate reading.